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    The Rich Stuff has been found!

Congratulations to Mike Nowak, Steven Sanftner, and Ed Brodie! Winners of the 2023 Booze Clues Treasure Hunt

All bonus finds have been claimed!

Booze Clues Eagan

October 1-8, 2023

Win $200 and $100 in store credit + additional prizes!

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With hands on the wheel
At ten and two—
Don a cape to take the helm,
And rescue the crew!

Travelers, explorers—
At the end of your quest,
Head for the shores
Of a lake in the west!

To track down the rich stuff
Is no easy task—
The shipwreck is lost
By a burned out patch;

The fallen Inferno—
At the edge of a pond,
Near the top of the hill,
Amid sedge and frond.

To salvage the tiller,
Solve our last clue,
And search for a nook
In the mast askew!

    CLUE VII  
Rotten to the core,
An organ of bones
Near voyage's end
Blasts deadly tones!

Using the map,
Andy keeps score,
Playing frantic notes
To open the door!

As chords flood into
The ghastly chapel,
Will they succeed
Or drop like an apple?

Not far away,
The Inferno resides,
So the gang escapes
On the waterslides!

    CLUE VI  
With crooks closing in,
Pick up the pace;
Dash over the bridge
To win the race!

Across the canal—
No time to lose;
Move quickly, like Data,
With slippery shoes!

Through the Hills,
Advance to your goal
To gain an advantage—
The ace in the hole!

    CLUE V  
Holding Chunk hostage
In a basement cell,
The Fratellis restrain him
With an "It" from Hell!

With candy bar offering,
Frowns turn upside down;
Chunk makes a new friend—
The biggest in town!

Sloth breaks the chains
To get back in the saddle
And share some ice cream—
Then swing into battle!

    CLUE IV  
The crew reach a crossroads
Beneath Moss Garden well,
Where shimmering coins
In the pools foretell—

Mouth chases his dreams,
But the rest want out;
Escape in the bucket,
Or continue the route?

Heeding Mike's words—
The Goonies break camp
With spirits lifted.

    CLUE III  
Along the gang's trek,
The bones of a man
Crushed by a boulder—
Foiled by Willy's clan.

A wallet recovered,
With skeleton key—
Chester Copperpot,
Confirmed by ID.

As you seek shelter,
Just follow the maps,
Keeping one eye out
For booty traps!

    CLUE II  
To Haystack Rock,
The Goonies set out—
Unwittingly, right to
The crooks' hideout!

With an odor of onions
And eroding paint,
Slowed down by Mama—
The plan must wait!

So forget the Fratellis;
Sneak in with Brand—
And discover a path
To the Promised Land!

    CLUE I  
Welcome to Astoria—
Land where Goonies roam;
At the center of it all,
Find the Goon Docks zone.

With foreclosure imminent
From country club's wedge,
The Fratellis' escape
Has the town on edge.

In a visit to the attic,
With storm setting in,
An artifact uncovered
Sets our tale a-spin...

Grab hold of the wheel—
All hands on deck!
Decipher the clues
To discover the wreck.

Booze Clues returns
To Eagan this year—
This time not alone,
TC Treasure is here!

So grab your Goonies—
One-eyed Willy's in town;
Eagan become Astoria
'Til the rich stuff's found!



Since 2020, Big Discount Liquor has presented the BOOZE CLUES series
 of treasure hunts at alternating locations throughout the Twin Cities Metro.